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Keeping You Safe

Is Our Top Priority

Completely armed, our team patrols different establishments and facilities

in different areas in Washington. Learn more about our services!

Providing Private Policing and Armed Security Services Right When You Need Them 

Omega Community Policing Service maintains a team of highly skilled, experienced consultants who manage our policing and security projects from start to finish. Professional policing and security services staffed with specialized industry experts that know all of the dos and don'ts of implementing an effective solution.

  • Private Police
  • Executive Protection
  • Security Consulting
  • Armed Patrol Officers
  • Event Security
  • Customer Service Guards
  • Armed Transport Service
  • Government Contract Security

How It Works

At Omega Community Policing Service, we take time to fully know our clients and their needs. Completely armed, our team patrols town centers, stores, offices, schools, universities, sports complexes, hospitals, apartment buildings, and other establishments in and around Tacoma, Washington. Our officers will be addressed on the last name basis.

Please note that we do not patrol restaurants, Native American reservations, and houses of worship.

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